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Waight Lost Churana

Sold By : Admin

Herbal Weight Loss Powder

Product Details:
Type Ayurvedic
Packaging Size 60 Pouches x 6 pec ( For Three Month)
Packaging Type Pouch
Form Powder

Brand name : namira weight loss churna


herbal weight loss churna works completely with body’s physiology. It is a completely herbal formulation that has been tested. It combines the latest scientific research with a primary focus on natural health principles. Namira weight loss is a complete herbal medicine that makes one stronger, physically as well as mentally, will lose extra weight, begin to feel much healthier & full of energy. It’s all done naturally with no injurious chemicals. It is effective in reducing the fat & facilitates the burning out of the extra calories to maintain the normal appetite. It engenders enzymatic activity in the thyroid to increase metabolism, rejuvenates the liver which holds the key to many of the body’s fat burning mechanisms, minimizes nervous tension to remove turmoil in the digestive enzymes to hasten digestion so food has less opportunity to be converted into stored fat, supports blood formation, maintains a healthy balance.


namira weight loss churna is safe & effective polyherbal formulation that actually helps to regulate fat production & utilization. It also eliminates the craving for sweets, normalize energy production & utilization into the body & help to stay trim & healthy.


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Pain Niwaran Churana

Sold By : Admin

Pain Niwaran Churna

Product Details:
Packaging Type Packet
Usage/Application Personal
Medicine Type joint pain,cervical spondilysis,backache,gout.
Dose one pouch twice a day
Churna Type churna
Packaging Size 135gm x 6 pec + Oil Bottle 3 No

Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil


For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis


Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil is an herbal formulation specifically formulated by devdaru, gokshur, guggulu etc. Which has marked anti-inflammatory action as well as anti-arthritic activity, with no significant side effects. Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil comes with a convenient dosage form & offers better compliance. Regular usage provides faster relief from painful inflammatory conditions, stiffness & it is a good alternative to other anti-inflammtory drugs.


Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil contains 13 most joint rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in the ayurvedic science & which is backed by clinical studies. Formulated in the correct amounts & blended by our proprietary process, natural phytonutrients exert synergistic activities. On your body to restore joint suppleness & pain, eliminating toxins, curtailing free radical activity,cell production & repair, shrinking inflamed tissues, bricating proper calcium absorption, relaxing & toning of muscles.


Major Contents of Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil

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