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Nilkamal Luxury Four Seater Sofa 2-1-1 (Brown)

Sold By : Admin
New (2) from ₹12,100.00 + ₹1,900.00 Delivery charge
Material Fabric
Colour Brown
Brand Nilkamal
Frame Material Plastic
Product Dimensions 348 x 206 x 199 cm; 16 Kilograms
Style Contemporary

About this item

  • Product Dimensions: Length (348 cm), Width (206 cm), Height (199 cm)
  • Primary Material: Plastic, Upholstery Material: Fabric
  • Color: brown, Style: Contemporary
  • Seating Capacity: Four seat
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions;Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Serves two purpose both as indoor and outdoor sofa
  • Legs can be detached so it is easy to use and transport
  • Elegant and classy
  • Made from strong, sturdy material quality product

Kalpavat Churana

Sold By : Admin

Drugs De Addiction Treatment

Product Details:
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Treatment drug de addition
Packaging Type 45gm x 6pc ( For Three Month)
Packaging Size 45gm
Goal drug addition
Usage/Application personal

Brand Name: KALPAVAT

(Herbal Formula for Removal of Drug Addiction)



Anti addictive & natural properties of Kalpavat removes the toxins from within the body. It normalize the body’s adrenaline which increases due to drug addiction.


8,499.00 11% Off

Surari Silver Churna

Sold By : Admin


105gm x 6 Pec ( For Three Month)

Helps treat alcohol & nicotine addiction since long time

Surari silver plus treats severe addiction of all types of alcohol & nicotine products.

Alcohol Niwaran + Nicotine Niwaran

We recommend this medicine to those patients who are severally addicted of both alcohol & nicotine. Even being a powerful remedy it does not have any side effect on human body & has content which also cover up the withdrawal symptoms up to an extent. These medicines have much capacity to rejuvenate the body & detoxify. The Ayurveda herbal medicine for Alcohol and nicotine addiction is safe and has no side effects. It can be given in any food with or without the knowledge of the patient. The medicinal powder can be sprinkled on cooked foods, Curries, Sweets, Desserts, Complan, Horlicks and Boost etc. exclusively for the patient.

The result depends upon the alcohol and nicotine dependency in his body, where this medicine slowly setbacks the addiction. As per the alcohol and nicotine dependency the results varies from patient to patient. The anti-alcoholic and nicotine property of this herb inhibits & induces an aversive action to alcohol & nicotine consumption and thereby helps patients reduce alcohol and nicotine intake. It also helps to dampen the desire to drink and smoke, plus acts as a liver tonic, increasing its ability to fight off toxins. The ingredient Gulbanafsa, is the main agent with the combination of other herbs removes the enjoyment factor associated with alcohol and specifically acts against alcohol. After the due course of medicine administered, the body of the addict rejects the alcohol as his body will not allow a single drop of alcohol from that point of time. It helps in improving the liver function and improves its metabolism.

The extract of this protects the cells of the liver by both blocking the entrance of toxins & helping to remove the toxins from the liver cells. It has been reported to regenerate injured liver cells. It helps mitigating the stress, especially environmental stress. This has anti-hypertensive & detoxification properties. This reduces the craving for alcohol. Nagkesar’s every part of plant has therapeutic qualities and proves useful in treating alcohol addiction. Best for Kidney and lever functions which acts as tonic and takes off excessive toxins from it. It does the process of withdrawal from a toxic or addictive substance such as alcohol or drugs.

6,599.00 8% Off

Pain Niwaran Churana

Sold By : Admin

Pain Niwaran Churna

Product Details:
Packaging Type Packet
Usage/Application Personal
Medicine Type joint pain,cervical spondilysis,backache,gout.
Dose one pouch twice a day
Churna Type churna
Packaging Size 135gm x 6 pec + Oil Bottle 3 No

Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil


For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis


Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil is an herbal formulation specifically formulated by devdaru, gokshur, guggulu etc. Which has marked anti-inflammatory action as well as anti-arthritic activity, with no significant side effects. Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil comes with a convenient dosage form & offers better compliance. Regular usage provides faster relief from painful inflammatory conditions, stiffness & it is a good alternative to other anti-inflammtory drugs.


Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil contains 13 most joint rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in the ayurvedic science & which is backed by clinical studies. Formulated in the correct amounts & blended by our proprietary process, natural phytonutrients exert synergistic activities. On your body to restore joint suppleness & pain, eliminating toxins, curtailing free radical activity,cell production & repair, shrinking inflamed tissues, bricating proper calcium absorption, relaxing & toning of muscles.


Major Contents of Pain Niwaran Churna & Oil

4,399.00 100% Off
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